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Evolve Move Play mit Rafe Kelly (Sa. & So.)

Evolve Move Play

Zweitages Workshop mit Rafe Kelly

Samstag, 20. Mai von 9.00 bis 17.00 Uhr & Sonntag, 21. Mai von 9.00 bis 17.00 Uhr.

Early Bird Preis: $400

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Are you ready to move like a Human?
Can you jump and swing on tree limbs which pitch and sway? Can you sprint over sand, scree, or wet mossy rocks? Can you crawl under fallen logs or move through dense tree branches? Is your skin robust to sun, wind, rain, snow and sand?

We evolved to move, and to move through nature.
We are meant to move on rocks, trees, and water. To lift, carry and throw diverse objects. To dance, fight and play with other living things.

At the Evolve Move Play movement experience you will.
Experience the foundations of healthy movement, including Breathwork, Posture and Joint integrity
Learn to fall safely, so you can fly with confidence
Develop the five primary forms of movement in trees which are the roots of all human locomotion:

  • Including, Quadrupedal movement and vaults,
  • Bipedal running, balancing and jumping,
  • Quadruamanous climbing,
  • Clinging and Bridging/Leaping, and
  • Brachiation;

    Play with the lost art of roughhousing through which we build physical rapport, fully body strength and integrity, strategy, and adaptability.

About Rafe Kelley


I’ve been a movement teacher for 12 years. Beginning as a child, I practiced various martial arts, started gymnastics at age 15, and parkour at 23. I was also lucky enough to grow up at the end of a dirt road surrounded by woods. I spent my childhood climbing trees, hiking up creek beds, swimming, and throwing rocks and sticks.

I co-founded, acted as the program developer, and was head coach in 2008 at Parkour Visions in Seattle, one of the most respected parkour teaching organizations in the world. I am widely considered one of the top parkour coaches in the world, having taught seminars for Apex movement, Tempest Free Running, many crossfits, and a variety of other facilities and organizations. I bring a unique combination of personal movement competence, an analytical approach, extensive and comprehensive background knowledge, and a deep love of nature and play to his teaching.

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